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Type Name
Married - Monjas More Details
- Polanco More Details
Triple - Apartamento Barón More Details
Single - La Cruz More Details

Arrangements with universities, companies and institutions
Form of payment:
cash - credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, other)

Parking at a garage close to the place
TV cable

WI-FI. in all rooms
Programmable save

Laudry service
Tourist information
Breakfast Garivalpo inclusive
Book exchange
Guided tour around Valparaíso in German and English
Possibility to get dinner, tea, cake and cookies

IVA. inclusive


Garibaldi # 191 Cerro la Cruz Valparaíso Chile - Phone: (56-32) 2213402 - Fax 2490920 / Cel 0-92978237
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